Lung lobe Torsion

27 April, 2021

Case example

A case with a twist

A 10- year-old schnauzer was presented with a chronic cough of months duration

CT findings

  • A large amount of fluid attenuating material is within the dependent aspect of the pleural space bilaterally. (Image 1)
  • The right middle lung lobe is enlarged, and its bronchial lumen is focally, completely narrowed. (Image 1)
  • Vesicular emphysema and a focally enlarged bronchus are also associated with this lung lobe. (Image 2)
  • The right middle pulmonary parenchyma is non-contrast enhancing.


  • Conclusions: Lung lobe torsion of the right middle lobe with bilateral pleural effusion

Learning points

  • The right middle lung lobe is the most commonly affected lobe in large breed dogs.
  • Radiographic und CT characteristics: Enlargement and consolidation of the affected lung lobe, vesicular emphysema, lack of contrast enhancement, secondary pleural effusion

More information

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Images courtesy of the Tierklinik Bockenheim, Germany.