Craniomandibular osteopathy

18 May, 2021

Case example

Cheeky cheek

A 10-month-old Newfoundland dog presents with a thickened left mandible.

CT findings

The left mandible shows moderate thickening of the cortex with smooth, broad-based periosteal proliferations (Image 1). The cortex of the contralateral side is also mildly thickened (Image 1). The tympanic bulla and the region of the Proc. retroarticularis are sclerotic bilaterally (Image 2).

Case Report craniomandibular osteopathy – “Cheeky cheek”


  • Bilateral, asymmetric craniomandibular osteopathy (CMO)

Learning points

  • A thickened cortex of the mandible and/or the tympanic bullae in young dogs are typical signs of CMO
  • Radiographic appearance can confirm the suspected clinical diagnosis
  • West Highland White Terrier is overrepresented; other breeds are also described

More information

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Images courtesy of the Anicura Tierklinik Hollabrunn, Austria.